CD in 2 panel sleeve

CD Replication

With audio CD's you get crisp sounding digital audio with no compression. Promote your product at your next event by giving your audience a copy of your best sounding work to take home with them.

dvd full package

DVD Replication

Are you reaching your entire target audience? In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau reported only 74.4 percent of all households reported Internet use. That's over 900,000 households that cannot view online data. A mass mailing of a DVD in bulk to reach just 10% of that audience is under $0.35/ea. That is less than a First Class Stamp not to mention a catalog.

blu-ray package image

Blu-ray Duplication

Enhance your audience's viewing experience with full 1080P High Definition and uncompressed audio as the Movie Studios and Directors intended for their movies.

usb flash drive image

Custom USB Flash Drives

Custom USB Flash Drives are an unmatched marketing tool because of their usefulness. In addition to having your promotional video, catalog or other data, your recipients will use these drives for their own purpose over and over again while bearing your company's logo.

dvd business card pic

CD/DVD Business Cards

Make an impression at your next event with these unique shaped optical discs. A complete profile of your company at a fraction of the cost compared to other types of physical media of this size. PDF files, demo videos, and multimedia presentations will give your company a distinguished appearance.

Services We Offer


Mini-DVD Replication

These unique round 8cm DVD's have a larger capacity than the Business Card size.

cd mini image

Mini-CD Replication

These unique round 8cm CD's have a larger capacity than the Business Card size.

DVD Authoring image

DVD Authoring

Our knowledgable experts can handle your authoring needs for your next DVD project.

VHS Tape photo

Video Transfer to DVD

Let us convert your video to disc and help preserve your memories.

reel to reel tape image

Analog Audio transfer to CD

Let us convert your audio tapes to disc and help preserve your memories.

Audio Mastering image

Audio Mastering

We can record, edit and optimize your audio project to commercial standards.